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'Dram Shop' Ruling Confirms Law

A Georgia Supreme Court ruling this week likely won’t have much impact on the state’s convenience stores. The court said a convenience store can be sued if it sells alcohol to an intoxicated customer who then injures or kills others. But the Georgia Association of Convenience Stores has always warned its members not to sell to an underage or intoxicated customer, according to its president, Jim Tudor.

Coca-Cola Unveils 'Living' Billboard

Coca-Cola unveiled a “living” billboard this week in the Philippines. It’s a collaboration between Coca-Cola and the World Wildlife Federation. According to Forbes, it’s covered in thousands of Chinese tea plants. Each plant can take in 13 pounds of carbon dioxide every year.

New Codes Catch Metal Thieves

Theft of wiring and scrap metal is an expensive problem showing no signs of subsiding for businesses and homeowners. But there’s a new technology helping to make cases easier to prosecute. The difficulty prosecuting cases has always been proving exactly where wiring comes from. But Georgia Power’s Carol Boatwright says the utility’s been buying new copper wiring that has unique codes etched on it. It's like a fingerprint.

Shrimp Harvest Down So Far

Fisherman caught 69,000 pounds of shrimp from January to May, 13 percent of the 10-year average of 537,000 pounds for that same period. Georgia’s Department of Natural Resources blamed the cold winter for pushing shrimp farther out to sea. Officials said they hope the shrimp population rebounds in the fall as it has in similarly cold years.

Beer Store Liable in DUI Death

The Georgia Supreme Court overturned a lower court ruling and found a convenience store can be held liable for a fatal highway accident that took place after a driver purchased a 12-pack of beer.

Billboard Law Takes Effect

A law that lets companies clearcut trees in front of billboards takes effect July 1st. It will also cut down on so-called 'skyscraper' billboards and signs with racier content.

App Gives A Glimpse Into Civil War

A new smart phone app will give tourists at the Augusta Canal a closer look at a Civil War factory. Visitors can look through their phone’s camera view finder to see buildings that haven’t stood in more than a century.

Ga Power: Nuclear Project Could Exceed Budget

Georgia Power warned Friday that building two more reactors at Plant Vogtle near Augusta could take longer and cost more than expected. In a filing Friday, company officials said schedule delays, change orders and the difficulties of trying to break ground on the first nuclear power plant in a generation could require more money and time. The company said the project will be cost-effective for customers so long as it's completed for less than $8 billion.

Medical Residents Get Shorter Shifts

Starting today, doctors-in-training at Georgia hospitals have new limits on the number of hours they can work. Officials say the change will help reduce medical errors caused by lack of sleep.

DOT Privatizes Road Maintenance

A private contractor begins maintenance work Friday for the state’s Department of Transportation on Interstate-95 along Georgia’s coast. It’s the first project of what might be several more to come, in a plan to save the agency money.