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Ga. No.1 In Women-Owned Business Growth

Georgia leads the nation in the growth of women-owned businsses. That's the conclusion of a new report commissioned by American Express, looking at the past 14 years. The study uses Census data and figures Georgia has nearly 300,000 women-owned businesses, or 97% more than in 1997.

PSC Could Check Vogtle Costs

State regulators are considering a plan to protect energy consumers. It has to do with potential cost-over runs on Georgia Power's 14 billion dollar expansion of Plant Vogtle.

Nuclear Plant Funding Deal Stalls

The power company said in a filing that it has not reached an agreement on a proposal meant to control construction costs during a planned expansion of Plant Vogtle near Waynesboro.

GA Hospitals Pump Billions Into Economy

Georgia's businesses, non-profits and the government have slashed employment rolls since the start of the recession.  But the economic picture is brighter for the state's hospitals.

Airline Exits Before Arrival

Vision Airlines decides to abandon Macon to Destin route. Poor ticket sales are to blame. Georgia Skies will continue daily flights.

House Backs Harbor Deepening

The Georgia House has adopted a resolution supporting the deepening of the Port in Savannah as well, as one across the state line in South Carolina. The House endorsed the measure 167-3 on Tuesday. It already passed the Senate. The rival ports in Savannah and Charleston, S.C. are both scrambling to deepen their harbors to accept supersize cargo ships. But Georgia's project is years ahead of South Carolina's.

Harbor Project Delay Until 2016

An official with the US Army Corp of Engineers says, it now will be at least 2016 before the Savannah harbor deepening can be completed. And the Corp's Savannah District Commander, Colonel Jeff Hall says, that's "if" final approval and funding come next year. A Corp of Engineers spokesman says, the agency's process is moving along at the appropriate speed.

Farmers Scramble To Replace Pesticide

Bayer Crop Science pulls Temik earlier than expected. Pesticide is partially manufactured in Georgia. Farmers looking for alternatives.

Investors Ask Southern Company About Water Use

Large investors want to know how water scarcity could impact value of stock. SEC filings like this are up 50-percent this year. Southern will release information.

Japan Crisis Cuts Delta Revenues

The nation’s second-largest airline says it will lose between $250 million to $400 million this year due to the crisis in Japan. Due to that and higher fuel costs, Delta is again scaling-back its flight schedules.