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Feds Deem Reactors Crash-Proof

A federal panel says nuclear reactors destined for Plant Vogtle near Augusta could safely withstand the crash of a large commercial jetliner. The decision puts Southern Company a step closer to building the country’s first new reactors in decades.

SC Officials Wary Of Savannah Harbor Plans

South Carolina officials are taking aim again at the proposal to deepen the Savannah harbor. This time, their criticism deals with how harbor deepening will affect plans to build a new port on the South Carolina side of the Savannah River. South Carolina lawmakers say, the site of the proposed port will be used as a place to dump river-bottom material.

Macon Gets Second Airline

Vision Airlines will join Georgia Skies. Announcement comes after federal subsidies end. Vision will fly from Macon to Destin.

Utility To Fight Profit Limits

Georgia Power is fighting a proposal that would cut its profits if the cost of building two more nuclear reactors at Plant Vogtle runs over-budget.

State Jobless Rate Climbs Again

Georgia's unemployment rate is up, topping the national rate for over three years.

Georgia Economic Outlook Mixed

Some regions will do better in 2011 than others. Manufacturing is strong while construction continues to struggle. Experts say now's the time for businesses to take calculated risks to benefit from the down economy.

Georgia Seceded 150 Years Ago

A new historical marker unveiled Wednesday marks the event that led Georgia into the Civil War. The sign in Milledgeville will tell the story of Georgia’s decision to secede from the Union. Georgia lawmakers debated secession over three days inside the then-state capital building. Finally, on January 19th, 1861 a majority voted to leave the United States.

Higher Costs Cut Delta Net Income

Higher fuel prices and plane repair expenses held-down net income growth for Delta Air Lines in the last quarter.

Bank Closure State's First Of '11

The state’s first bank failure of the new year came over the weekend. Georgia’s Department of Banking and Finance closed Brunswick’s Oglethorpe Bank late Friday. Deposits and assets were acquired by Bank of the Ozarks, a Little Rock, Arkansas-based institution.

Blasts of Snow Affect Local Businesses

The snow has kept much of the Northern half of the state paralyzed. Businesses are now weathering this second blast of winter. For a local Atlanta grocery store that has stayed open, business is better than ever.