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Early County Coal Plant Faces Setback

A coal plant proposal for southwest Georgia faces a setback after...

Wachovia Becoming Wells Fargo

Signs and systems at nearly 280 Wachovia bank stores across Georgia will...

Savannah Fights Check Cashing

A city anti-poverty initiative has gotten 1,000 check cashing customers to

Coastal Development Deal Reached

An Orlando-based developer and the City of St. Marys agree to terms advanci

Report: Railroads Make Money

Rail advocates present new study that says rail will help drive future econ

Plant Brings Back 1,400 Jobs

Governor Sonny Perdue was on hand Wednesday to welcome production back to P

Financial Stress For Georgians

Georgians have more financial distress than other Americans. That’s the fi

Ga. Jobless Rate Shows Slight Drop

There is a slight drop in Georgia’s unemployment rate. State labor officia

BP Station Owners Worried

As the oil spill in the Gulf continues to cause problems, Georgia convenien

Gulfstream Aerospace Sees Light

The recession-hit luxury jet manufacturer, Savannah's largest private emplo