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End Of Year Exams Show Georgia High School Students Still Struggle With Math

Georgia’s high school students saw improvement in statewide end of course tests, but they are still struggling with math. The 2014 End-of-Course Tests results were released Wednesday. According to data from the Georgia Department of Education, students improved performance on six out of eight areas, but about 65 percent of Georgia students didn't meet state standards for analytic geometry. Matt Cardoza, a spokesman for the State Education Department, says the math tests were changed to align them with tougher expectations that will be implemented across the board next year.

Apps That Share, Or Scalp, Public Parking Spots

A new breed of tech company is offering mobile apps to help drivers using public, metered parking spots sell them to the highest bidder. But in San Francisco, city officials want to put a stop to it.

TSA To Step Up Security Measures At Some Airports Overseas

Department of Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson did not provide specifics for the new measures, but he said the agency is hoping to cause "as few disruptions to travelers as possible."

Facebook's Sandberg Apologizes For Newsfeed Experiment

Facebook scientists were criticized for a study that manipulated what some Facebook users saw on their feeds. COO Sheryl Sandberg said they didn't mean to upset users.

In War's Looming Shadow, Gazans Hope Peace Will Hold

For more on the Palestinian reaction to recent tensions with Israel, Robert Siegel speaks with Mkhaimer Abu Sada, a political science professor at Al-Azhar University in Gaza City.

Baby’s First Words, More Than Just Babble

Babies learn to talk following an intricate biological progression. It may sound like babble, but those noises babies make represent distinct milestones along the road to talking. And the absence of sounds can be cause for concern. When GPB reporter Jeanne Bonner had her first child almost two years ago, she started recording the sounds of her baby’s voice. As she reports, Atlanta researchers are conducting the largest-ever study of infant vocal development.

Mourning In The Closet: She Was More Than My Best Friend

StoryCorps, the team that brings you conversations between loved ones, is now highlighting voices of the LGBTQ community. OutLoud brings a story about losing a partner while living in the closet.

Protesters Turn Back Buses Of Immigrant Detainees Near San Diego

The buses were carrying nearly 140 people who had reportedly crossed the border in Texas. The protest drew a counterprotest by advocates for immigrants.

Easy Method For Making Stem Cells Was Too Good To Be True

Scientific papers that claimed stem cells could be made in the laboratory simply by dipping regular cells in acid didn't hold up under scrutiny. Now the work is being retracted because of errors.

A Woman Wrestles With A Disturbing Family Memento

Carol Zachary was 9 when her grandfather gave her an invitation to a hanging he attended in 1917. She peppered him with questions, but the meaning of his gesture still remains a mystery, even today.