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Driven By Climate Change, Cotton Buyers Look For Alternatives

One clothing company whose bottom line was hurt in the wake of bad weather events decided to look to polyester fibers made from recycled plastic bottles.

Georgia Peanut Farmers Hope For More Rain Ahead Of Harvest

Georgia peanut farmers are about three weeks away from harvesting their crops, and many hoping for more rain and cooler temperatures. Georgia grows about half of the nation's peanuts.

Libya's Crisis: A Shattered Airport, Two Parliaments, Many Factions

Libya keeps spiraling downward as Islamist fighters slug it out with forces loyal to a rogue general in the capital and elsewhere.

High Prices Aren't Scaring Consumers Away From The Meat Counter

Several factors from a virus sweeping through hog barns to a drought in the Plains states have driven up the price of pork and beef. But consumers keep buying it.

CDC Director On Ebola: 'We Are Definitely Not At The Peak'

Dr. Tom Frieden, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, has arrived in West Africa to assess the Ebola outbreak. The situation in Liberia, he says, is "absolutely unprecedented."

Obama Considers Widening Strikes Against Islamic State Militants

The president has approved surveillance flights over Syria to search for targets for possible airstrikes. But critics of the administration say that may not be enough.

Emmy Awards 2014: Safe Choices In A Time Of Groundbreaking TV

NPR TV critic Eric Deggans says Monday's Emmy Awards promised to recognize TV's emerging future but ultimately rewarded comfortable favorites over disruptive upstarts.

Former FBI Director Louis Freeh Returns To Surgery Following Crash

Freeh, who issued a scorching report in the Penn State University sex abuse scandal, apparently drove his SUV off the road in Vermont.

VA's Inspector General Finds Faked Data At Hospitals Across U.S.

President Obama addressed the annual convention of the American Legion in North Carolina with a raft of new proposals for vets.