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GOP’s Older Candidates Seek Young Voters

One of the candidates at the top of the Georgia GOP’s ticket this year is 71 years old. That’s Governor Nathan Deal. He faces a 38-year-old Democratic challenger, Jason Carter. And in the contentious U.S. Senate race, Democrat Michelle Nunn has used a highly-visible TV campaign ad to show off her young family as her older Republican opponents duke it out for the primary. But many Republicans say the Democratic candidates’ youth won’t be as much of a factor in the midterm elections later this year. That’s partly because turnout in nonpresidential, off-year elections skews older.

Georgia's New Teacher Evaluation System Seen As 'Sea Change'

Education will continue to be on the front lines this fall in Georgia. And not only because it’s at the center of the gubernatorial race. Georgia will be implementing a new mandatory statewide teacher evaluation system for the first time once the new school year begins. The state has been conducting a pilot program with a fraction of Georgia’s school districts. In the fall, it goes live to all school districts for the first time.

Future Water Treatment Plant Improvements Will Cost “Several Million”

Unspecified future renovations to Savannah’s Wilshire and President Street Water Pollution Control Plants will cost millions of dollars, according to Public Works and Water Resources Director John Sawyer. Sawyer spoke to reporters Thursday after briefing city council on upcoming changes to pollution requirements. On an average day, Sawyer says Savannah’s plants fall well below the pollution limits set by their state permits. But those limits are set to change to bring plants into compliance with Environmental Protection Agency standards revised in 2010. At the time, the new regulations represented a 76 percent reduction in daily pollution along the length of the Savannah river.

Panel: David Pennington's Press Conference In Front Of The Governor's Office Was An 'Amateur' Move

A campaign event April 16 turned into a screaming match as Republican gubernatorial candidate and former Dalton Mayor David Pennington held a news conference inside the state Capitol. Pennington said he was going to make a “major announcement” that Wednesday. But the fairly standard conference took a quick turn. when Randy Martin, Governor Nathan Deal’s attorney, jumped in. The heated exchange appeared to be about campaign financial disclosures.

From Press Conference To Screaming Match: A Political Event's Descent Into Raucous

A campaign event Wednesday afternoon turned into a screaming match as Republican gubernatorial candidate and former Dalton Mayor David Pennington held a news conference inside the state Capitol. An attorney for current Governor Nathan Deal even jumped in. The exchange appeared to be about campaign financial disclosures. GPB reporter Claire Simms dug into the raucous with fellow political reporter Greg Bluestein of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

State Offering More Choices For 2015 Health Plan

State officials said Tuesday that they plan to increase the number of insurers and health plan options for state employees and teachers next year. The State Health Benefit Plan (SHBP) has been a target of fierce criticism since Jan. 1. That’s when changes to its benefit design, plus the use of just one insurer, sparked widespread complaints from teachers and state employees about a lack of choice of insurance plans and higher health care costs.

Capitol Confusion: When Does Georgia’s Gun Expansion Begin?

Some call it the “guns everywhere” bill, but it does not quite cover everything. Legislators passed “The Safe Carry Protection Act” in the final hours of this year’s legislative session. They did not, however, include an effective date anywhere in the nearly 30 page document that cleared the House and Senate.

Federal Funds Drop Squeezes Public Health

About 70 percent of the overall budget for the Department of Public Health comes from federal grants. And that federal money has seen significant reductions. From fiscal 2012 to fiscal 2013, across all programs, Public Health lost about $25 million in federal money. And that drop has continued.

Paula Deen's Daughter-In-Law Hosts Yoga Benefit For Her Native Venezula

The country has experienced nearly two months of violent protests.

Ahead Of The Governor’s Race, Georgia Democrats Court Youth Vote

The Young Democrats of Georgia will be holding their annual conference April 11-13 in Columbus, and notably one of the key speakers is a young Democrat himself. Jason Carter is the 38-year-old Democratic gubernatorial campaign, and he will be headlining a special awards dinner at the conference. Organizers say the weekend events are geared toward whipping up excitement among the party’s youth, in the hopes they will campaign for the candidates and come out and vote in November.