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Barge Centers Gubernatorial Run On Education, Economic Development

Georgia voters will select between three Republicans in the race for governor May 20: incumbent Nathan Deal, former Dalton Mayor David Pennington and State School Superintendent John Barge. Barge is abandoning his own re-election bid to run for governor. He told GPB recently Georgia’s gains on college-entrance exams, national assessments and the graduation rate will suffer if state leaders don’t restore years of cuts in education funding.

Pennington Touts Business Experience, Outsider Perspective In Governor's Race

Former Dalton Mayor David Pennington is one of two Republicans challenging Gov. Nathan Deal in this month’s primary. Pennington has been running the north Georgia town known as the “carpet capital of the world” for six years. He’s been widely called a Tea Party candidate in this primary. But he told GPB recently he doesn’t agree with that label.

Army Study Aims To Learn Physical Demands Of Combat For Women - And Men

On a warm spring day at Ft. Stewart, a handful of soldiers dressed in combat garb are loading fake ammunition into a tank gun. It’s a simulation, but the long, dark cylinders they’re hoisting into white plastic tubes, one after another, are just as heavy as the real thing. Maj. Brad Warr times the soldiers to see how quickly they can complete the task. He says this 55-pound ammunition is among the toughest to load in a confined space like the interior of a tank.

Same-Sex Couples Apply For Marriage Licenses Around Georgia

Same-sex couples in Georgia spent May Day applying for marriage licenses. Their goal was to be turned down under the state’s gay marriage ban. The couples posted photos of their denial paperwork on social media with the hashtag #MayDayGAEquality.

SSU Panel Takes Up Stand Your Ground Expansion

A community discussion hosted by Savannah State University Wednesday looked at the changes to Georgia's "stand your ground" law under the expanded gun rights law.

Guns And Medicaid: A Winning Strategy For The GOP?

With the legislative session squarely behind him and the bill-signing period over, Gov. Nathan Deal now heads out on the campaign trail. And he’s going to have to defend the measures he signed as well as those he vetoed.

Political Surprise: Georgia Governor Vetoes Private Probation Bill

Gov. Nathan Deal signed a bill Tuesday that will allow for the construction of a statue to the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. on state Capitol grounds. Immediately afterward, he vetoed a bill governing how private companies oversee Georgia probationers. His aides said the private probation bill, which was the subject of a scathing state audit, is the only major bill Deal will be vetoing. Critics say the measure would have allowed private probation companies to conceal details of their dealings from the public.

Controversial Bills May Escape Governor Deal's Veto

Tuesday is the last day Gov. Deal can veto or sign bills into law. And some of the most controversial bills from the legislative session are still awaiting his signature. These include a bill that would make Georgia the first state in the nation to force welfare and food stamp recipients suspected of drug abuse to submit to drug tests. There’s also a bill that would allow officials to erect a monument to the Ten Commandments at the state Capitol, which the legislature’s counsel cautions might result in a lawsuit. Another bill on his desk governs how private probation companies oversee Georgia prisoners.

Confederate Memorial Day: The State Holiday You Didn't Know Existed

Monday, April 28 is Confederate Memorial Day in Georgia. A lot of people don’t even know the state holiday exists. Before coming to work at GPB, “On The Story” writer Lisa Clark was one of them. In fact, she says she was “nonplussed” when she found out Confederate Memorial Day was an actual holiday. Last week, she set out to find out the origin of Confederate Memorial Day, and why people celebrate it the first place.

Gun Bill Protects Georgia's GOP from Tea Party Challenge

Georgia’s controversial gun bill was signed into law Wednesday at an American Legion pavilion in Ellijay. And not a moment too soon for House Speaker David Ralston, who faces a serious primary challenger in less than a month.