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'As Long As They Want To Play': Newport Jazz At 60

Since its inception in 1954, the event has survived rainstorms, genre wars and a few near-riots. Producer George Wein says it survives for the same reason jazz does the musicians love to perform.

Is There Any Empathy Left In The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict?

A generation ago, Israelis and Palestinians routinely rubbed shoulders. But they have become increasingly segregated and the current fighting has only added to the friction between Arabs and Jews.

The American President And A Little Town Called Obama, Japan

A small town in Japan is celebrating the American president with lots and lots of kitsch. But Obama Onsen has a rich history in its own right.

Top Secret Resume Tips!

It's not just Americans who are oversalted. A new study reports that sodium takes a global toll, attributing 1.65 million deaths from cardiovascular disease to sodium consumption.

WATCH: Playful Lion Cub Scares The Daylights Out Of Dog

The viral video was filmed at a farm in South Africa that specializes in training animals to work in movies.

Storms, Aftershocks Hurt Rescue Efforts Following Deadly China Quake

The earthquake that hit Yunnan Province on Sunday afternoon has killed nearly 400 people. It displaced about 230,000 people, and more than 57,000 may still be waiting for rescue.