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Vote on Tax Reform Plan Stalled

State lawmakers were unable to come to an agreement Wednesday on a tax reform plan after haggling much of the day.

Black Leaders Sue Over New Cities

Black leaders in Georgia are claiming the creation of several cities around Atlanta essentially fences out black voters and creates white majorities. They say that violates the federal Voting Rights Act and they’ve sued the governor to get the cities dissolved.

Tax Reform Vote Pending

A legislative committee approved a tax reform plan that would lower the income tax rate and leave groceries untaxed.

Reports Cast Doubt On Drug Courts

Two new reports are casting doubt on the effectiveness of drug courts. Governor Nathan Deal wants more drug courts in Georgia. He says, they reduce costs by keeping non-violent offenders out of prison. But the reports suggest that that isn't always the case.

Sex Trade Bill Heads to Deal's Desk

The Senate has unanimously approved legislation that overhauls the way Georgia treats sex traffickers by imposing higher fines and stiffer sentences while also offering new treatment options to people who could be victims of the sex slave trade.

Lawmakers Grapple with Second Budget Hole

State senatorson Monday presented their ideas for balancing next year’s state budget. It totals $18 billion and fills a second budget hole.

Ethics Questions For Utility Contributions

A bill under consideration at the Capitol would allow utility companies to contribute to political campaigns. But it might not pass muster with state ethics laws.

Supreme Court Rejects Troy Davis Appeal

Death penalty opponents are condeming a Supreme Court decision that sets the stage for Georgia death row inmate Troy Davis to be executed. The court [Monday] rejected Davis' latest appeals after justices gave him a rare chance to prove his innocence.

Key Senate Panel OK's Budget

The Senate Appropriations Committee has unanimously approved an $18.2 billion budget for the coming fiscal year. Senate Appropriations Committee Chairman Jack Hill said Monday exploding growth in the state's Medicaid rolls and a huge hole in the state health benefit plan contributed to a $180 million gap in health funding.

Lawmakers Have Full Week Ahead

State lawmakers only have seven working days left in this year’s legislative session. Monday, they reconvene for day-34 on the calendar. It begins a full five-day week. Within their work, legislators will cast final votes on some key issues, including the budget, Sunday alcohol sales and possibly immigration.