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Sunday Alcohol Plan Gets Spotlight

A proposal that would allow cities and counties in Georgia to legalize alcohol sales on Sundays is headed to a Senate committee Wednesday. The Senate bill being discussed on Wednesday would let voters decide in local referendums whether they want Sunday alcohol sales between 12:30 p.m. and 11:30 p.m.

Deal, Barnes Unite for Slain Trooper's Widow

Lawmakers - led by House Speaker David Ralston - are rushing through a bill that would permit the spouse of a state employee killed in the line of duty to continue health coverage under the state plan.

Deal Wants To Expand Drug Courts

Gov. Deal is pushing more alternative programs for non-violent drug offenders. It's a way to deal with the state's staggering prison budget. Several judges around the state already run alternative sentencing programs. One lesson they say Deal can learn from their experience is to find the money to pay for the best treatment available.

Bill Would Tighten Water Transfers

Some rural lawmakers in the state house want to make sure water transfers from one river basin to another get more scrutiny from State officials.

Bill Calls For Less Time To Vote Early

House Bill 92 would decrease early voting days from 45 to 21. Bill has bipartisan support and could save smaller counties a lot of money. Early voting was extended in 2008.

No Fed Money For Storm Cleanup

Local cleanup cost totals are coming-in from around the state for the winter storm that hit Georgia three weeks ago. And it does not appear any communities will be in-line for federal reimbursement.

Revenue Glitch Prompts Legislation

Proposed legislation would make it illegal to pull money from citizen's bank accounts without their permission. The legislation was proposed after a computer glitch took thousands of dollars in state tax refunds from taxpayer's bank accounts last week.

Federal Healthcare Law Rendered Unconstitutional

Georgia was one of 26 states that sued the federal government over healthcare reform. Since the judge did not halt the law from taking effect in his ruling, Deal says Georgia must continue to plan for it.

Ga. Not Likely to Follow Arizona's Footsteps.

There is a bill in the state house that has similar provisions as the controversial Arizona law.

Fees Dash Revenue Hopes

State lawmakers expected new fees to generate millions more dollars than they're actually generating. Lawmakers expected an extra $200 paid by the state's worst speed violators to bring in $23 million. It's actually bringing in about $10 million.