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Budget Cuts Include Civil War Commission

Tourists worldwide are taking notice of this year’s 150th anniversary of the American Civil War, which had major Georgia events.Civil War tourism brings in tens of millions of dollars a year to Georgia.

Winter Weather Changes Rail Debate

North Georgia lawmaker, Jeff Mullis is a proponent of a rail-line from Chattanooga to Atlanta. He says the state transportation department continues to devise a state rail plan, but funding is the major issue.

Gov. Deal Outlines State Budget

State agencies can expect more cuts while teacher furloughs will be eliminated. Governor Deal wants to freeze 14 thousand positions currently open in state government.

Gov. Deal Set To Give State Of State

Governor Nathan Deal will deliver his first State of the State address to the joint General Assembly session this afternoon.

Georgia’s Criminal Justice System on Governor's Agenda

Faced with a shrinking state budget, Governor Deal said Georgia spends about 3 million dollars a day to run the Department of Corrections and he laid out the statistics.

Deal Lays Out Priorities At Inauguration

Nathan Deal became Georgia's 82 governor today. In his inaugural speech he vowed to save the hope scholarship for future generations. Deal's needs to balance a state budget that is expected to be one billion dollars short.

Lawmakers Open 2011 Session

The snow didn’t deter lawmakers from getting to work today to start the 2011 legislation session. Most lawmakers made it to their seats to be sworn in.

A Conversation With Outgoing Governor Sonny Perdue

GPB’s Edgar Treiguts sat down with the outgoing governor late last week to discuss his time in office, and whether he's done a lot of reflecting on his tenure.

Deal Adopts Cabbage Patch Dolls

overnor-elect Nathan Deal and the soon to be first lady of the state Sandra Deal received two cabbage patch kids made in their likeness.

Nathan Deal Puts Assets In Trust

Governor Elect Nathan Deal has set up a blind trust to control his personal assets while in office. Jimmy Allen, a Tifton-based accountant will oversee the governor's assets while he's in office. Allen is also a Deal supporter. Deal has also restructured a $2.2 million dollar loan that was due Feb. 1. It stems his investment in a failed Outdoor equipment store