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Congress Pulls A Smooth Maneuver To Make Highway Payments

Lawmakers looking for ways to patch a hole in the Highway Trust Fund have zeroed in on a budget gimmick called "pension smoothing." Never heard of it? You're not alone.

A Peacock Murder Mystery: (Pea)Fowl Play In California

The boisterous birds are a familiar sight in an upscale community near LA, but in recent years they've become a source of conflict. Now, someone is killing them 20 in the past six months alone.

The Violence In Gaza, Through The Lens Of One Family's Losses

The Gaza Strip has sustained more than 1,500 Israeli airstrikes. A family with no apparent ties to Hamas lost one of two sons last week; the mother and father died in similar attacks six years ago.

Apple Teams Up With Former Rival IBM On Business Apps

The companies announced a deal Tuesday to sell Apple devices loaded with IBM software to big businesses all over the world

U.S. Customs Seize Giant African Snails Bound For Dinner Plates

Officials say the snails are "highly invasive, voracious pests" that eat paint and stucco off houses. But the snails are a prized delicacy in West Africa, where they're marinated or grilled on sticks.

Morals Clauses Prove Controversial For Catholic School Teachers

Catholic schools are requiring teachers to sign morality clauses, which have gotten some educators fired for marrying same-sex partners.

Temporary Fix For Highway Money Is Well-Traveled Road

If kicking the can down the road were a competitive sport, the championship trophy would never leave Washington. A short-term fix for highway spending is just the latest contribution.

Federal Loans Tough To Come By For Community College Students

Nearly a million community college students don't have access to federal student loans, according to a new report.

Captain Ahab's Revenge: Brewing Beer From An Ancient Whale Bone

Yeast scraped from a 35-million-year-old whale fossil is the key ingredient in a "paleo ale" from a Virginia brewery. Like many scientific innovations, the idea came about late one night over a pint.

Darkened By A Bloody History, Baltics Hope To Be Bolstered By NATO

Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia are now members of the EU and NATO, but they have painful memories of the Soviet occupation. The Baltic states are asking for a bigger NATO presence in their countries.