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Jobs for Georgians

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Twitter is coming to Atlanta ... seriously! 

Twitter, the mega-social network, located in San Francisco, will launch a new data center here in Atlanta leasing a 80,000 square feet in a 1 million square foot server farm near downtown Atlanta. #TwitterComesToAtlanta.


2014's Job Market No No's!

You want the good news or bad news first?

Let's start with the good news! If you are a recent graduate, according to a new survey, employers are looking to hire more of YOU than last year... YAY! BUT, the bad news is, while they are hiring more recent graduates, they are being picky. Knowing this, when it comes to getting your first degree or you are going back to school to pursue another career track, there are degrees which you should not pursue in 2014. 

Georgia is Ranked #1 for Business for the Third Time!

For the third time in LESS than a year, Georgia has been named the top state for business by Area Development Magazine in its 5th annual Top States for Doing Business! #YayForGeorgia

Georgia Hospitals put $40 Billion Into Economy!

According to The Atlanta Business Chronicle, a study was released by the Georgia Hospital Association (GHA), stating that Georgia hospitals are responsible for putting almost $40 billion into the states economy in 2012. WOW! The report found that they employed nearly 126,000 FT and PT employees as well as being linked and responsible for more than 287,000 other FT jobs.

Wanna make more than $50/ Hour? Ya, me too!

If you say you don't want to make more than $50/hour in your career, you are most likely lying.

Career Coach at The Career Cafe, Tim Duggar says "a major factor is how much the candidate has invested in education to learn marketable skills as well as level or responsibility or stress that go with a job." 

Would you change your name to get hired?

How far would you go to get hired? Change your first or last name? Change the spelling of your name? Really, what is the most extreme thing you would consider doing?

See Jose's story.



Georgia Job Fairs & Events Now- September 30th!

9/3/14: On Time Staffing - 11AM-4PM @ Athens Career Center 

9/3/14: Financial Service Center (FSC) 9:30-11:30 @Gwinnett County Career Center 

High- Paying, Low-Stress & Telecommute Jobs!

There is enough stress in the world outside of the office, right? Don't think that every high-paying job has to come with a side of stress. Believe it or not, there are low-stress jobs that offer great salaries. 

It's a Good Thing to Make Your Employer Drool!

The story is always the same, go to college, graduate and look for a career, right? But how cool would it be to have employers looking for you versus you looking for them? Hard to believe, but it's true.

Tyler Perry Expands Studios & Creates 8,000 Jobs!

According to the Atlanta Business Chornicle, MA-TO THE D-E-A star and Atlanta filmmaker Tyler Perry, will redevelop the Fort McPherson army base into new and expanded production studios. It is reported that the $30 million dollar price tag is still in negotiations and while all details are not final, the deal is expected to close on October 15, 2014.