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Weird Al Parody “Tacky” Lampoons Pharrell’s Happy and We Love It!

July 7, 2014 7:45am (EDT)
Weird Al makes fun of Pharrell's "Happy" with his version "Tacky."
Weird Al makes fun of Pharrell's "Happy" with his version "Tacky."

Weird Al Yankovic, the King of Pop Music Parodies, is back in fine form.

Yankovic parodies Pharrell’s hit “Happy” with the song “Tacky". And we love it!

Honestly what’s not to love about this send up? In addition to Weird Al, it features cameos from comedians and stars Aisha Tyler, Magaret Cho, Kristen Schaal, Eric Stonestreet and Jack Black cavorting in their tackiest outfits, singing about the silliest and most inappropriate behaviors.

“It might be crazy wearing stripes with plaids," sings Weird Al cavorting around in a garish super colored patterned suit that would make the Batman villain the Joker gag. “I instagram every meal I’ve had.”

The other celebs sing about other tactless behavior like asking a full figured women whether she is pregnant or just really fat, bringing a coupon book on a date or twerking at the DMV.

“Tacky” is on Yankovic’s latest and fourteenth album “Mandatory Fun.” Listen to him talk about it with NPR’s Tamara Keith.

In the meantime, watch the “Tacky” video below and get to dancing around yourselves. When you are done check out the music video of "Happy" performed by costumed "Star Wars" enthusiasts on the original set in Tunisia.

Additional reporting from Jeremiah Bratton.

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