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A Macon nightclub has banned smoking inside its establishments. That begs the question whether business or local government should dictate whether smoking should happen in bars and restaurants.

Coastal Ga. Weekend: Savannah And Coastal Events Sept. 11-14

Savannah Magazine’s Amy Condon and Autumn Van Gunten of You’re Welcome Savannah share their picks for a great Savannah weekend.

Three year old Ossabaw makes a new home for itself in the ocean after living in captivity since a hatchling

Baby Loggerhead Turtle Back in the Ocean (VIDEO)

A three-year-old turtle is released on Wassaw Island National Park Wildlife Refuge.

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Some economists say the United States is facing a labor shortage in the next 10 to 15 years, in part because there’s about to be a mass exodus in the workforce as baby boomers finally retire. That’s...

(Photo Courtesy of <a href=>Jenny Spadafora via Flickr</a>.)

How To Fix An Incompetent Direct-Report

Dave was a small business owner. His business, like many, had been hit hard by the recession. Doing business the way it had been done before just wasn’t going to work anymore. He needed to change...

(Photo via <a href=>Wikimedia Commons</a>.)

WORKING: Forget Your Resume - Where's Your Website?

More and more career advisers say job-seekers need a personal website to stand out—the standard resume just isn’t enough anymore. The argument is that having a unique website dedicated to a job-...