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Georgia Aquarium

We take a trip beyond the sea…in downtown Atlanta, with a visit to the Georgia Aquarium. We meet everyone from scuba divers to media specialists and a few of the people who maintain this incredible environment—it takes 600 employees and 2,000 volunteers! And the good news is that you don’t have to work at the Georgia Aquarium to swim here. Anybody can dive in, as you’ll learn in this episode.

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Stephanie Johnson, Mayela Alsina, Paul Eleazer, Sophie Gaze, Maureen Flaherty, Cynthia Marrero, Barrett Rhoades, Amy Rollinson

7:00PClassical Rewind (my Music)
8:30PReturn To Downton Abbey
10:00PHealing Add With Dr. Daniel Amen, Md And Tana Amen